Flower Art: Hello Kitty Carnations!

When I am not blogging or doing some craft/baking in the evenings, I am a florist by day! Nothing makes me more excited than testing the limits of creativity! One day I got a whim to try and make a hello kitty face out of carnations! I mean old lady florist’s like to do poodles out of carnations so why couldnt I do a hello kitty?! it was too easy!

Seriously, go out and buy you a pack of white carnations, get you some beads for the eyes and nose… some string (I used balloon string) for the whiskers..and a little red ribbon and you have you a hello kitty! I secured the two carnations together with green floral tape by wrapping up the stems.

it could easily be used as a cake topper or wrapped in paper with greenery for a single stem gift, add it to an arrangement to make it POP or use it as a prom wrist corsage! i plan on offering it during prom season!



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