New Adventures in Creativity!

Creativity is meant to be shared, right?!?!! At least I think so! This blog is a new journey for me in my creative adventures! I have dabbled successfully in art, decor, floral design, baking, gardening, jewelry making and I am told that I have a knack for design and color! Party and event planning has always been an interest of mine! I love baking for friends and family, I love creating a custom floral centerpiece for special occasions, I love cooking, and I love coming up with new visually pleasing ideas! So at the suggesting of family and friends to start a blog filled with found and original ideas, I thought “what the hey!” If nothing else, it will give me a good excuse to open a new world for me filled with many hobbies (old + newly discovered)!

Local shopping is also a passion of mine so I will cater a lot of my posts to those who live in my region by highlighting locally owned small businesses. Hopefully this will help you organize an event as unique as possible all while supporting local commerce! This area seems a little dry for event planning here in Northeast TN and Southwest Virginia! I am here to tell you there is more out there than Wal-mart folks! So follow along with me if you will on this new journey! Who knows where it will take us! Let’s party together!!!!



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