Complete Bohemian Style #Wedding Ideas! #Decor and #Style!

I am a gypsy at heart! So as my first full wedding idea post I decided to post about a wedding Style I would go for, The Bohemian Wedding! This is a compilation of some beautiful finds around the internet that I hope inspires the gypsy at heart in planning her big day!

1. The Most important part of a wedding we all know is the dress!!! Here are the top three dresses that wowed me!

I found this dress over on weheartit! I love the lace patterns!


This Dress is breathtaking!!! Get it over on ETSY by DaughtersofSimone for $2,550.00! By the look of it…it is worth the $$


I absolutely adore the crochet and bell sleeves on this gorgeous dress! You can get it for $676.00 over on dreamersandlovers ETSY store!


2. Wedding Hair! Letting your hair down is a must-do for any Bohemian Style wedding!

Let your hair down with this lace head band!!! This post on Burnettsboards gets the credit!!!


Melissa Heuscher on Pinterest pinned this gorgeous bohemian style head band and hair idea!!!


And of course!!! The Flower Crown!!! Check out Miss At La Playa for all of her flower crown finds!


3. The Bridesmaids!!!!

I love this bridemaid style from Three Bird Nest that also sells the headbands you see in the photo!

a456fc182e758ebbc52c6c26cdd12b83 (1)

From Ruffled!


This is an absolutely stunning pin from Gabrielle Pettit over on Pinterest! I am in love!


4. The Bouquets!!! Wild, Full & Over-the-Top is where it is at!!!

Again, from Ruffled….the zinnias and amaranth… OMG this is dreamy!!!


Oh, the Peaches & Blues, Rust & Mustard Yellow hues over on Simply Peachy!!!!! This is the color combo that I would personally go for in a boho bouquet…but, I would make it fuller!!!


This bouquet is equally gorgeous even with the more muted pastels!!! The Roses, Wax flowers, and Whispy greenery make a gorgeous combination!!! Thankful for the Wedding Chicks for posting this!!

1523e5465e8e5c53045f4684abb36500 (1)

Of course for the bridesmaids bouquets you should go for an identical yet significantly smaller bouquet for each!

5. Boutonnieres!!!

I love this bout and all the other bouts made by hazelfaire over on ETSY. All of her creations are perfect for any Boho Wedding Groom!!! Dare I say, just buy from her!!! ❤ ❤


I like interesting pieces of anything when it comes to crafts and art… and I am so in love with this mustard yellow bout from Fairyfolkweddings also over on ETSY! So whimsical!


I just adore the color palette and the incorporation of the feather of this bout pinned by Sandeep Mace on Pinterest!


6. Da Grooooom! Encourage your groom to go with non-traditional attire (even if just a hint) for your Boho Themed Wedding!

From Inspired by This!


Hell Yes, on the suspenders and the blue w/ khaki via Wedding Chicks!


Or dress it up a bit with a funky polka dotted tie (Green Wedding Shoes)!!


7. Other Ceremony Details!!!! I stumbled across so many great ideas including wedding settings (!!)… so I am just gonna throw it all into one category here!

from Elizabeth Anne Designs. If you don’t do anything else please have this wooden swing adorned in flowers at your wedding soiree! Perfect for photos and for guests, especially kiddos!!


This canopy “altar” is a MUST too!!! from Pretty Wedding Idea!


Bohemian Wedding Dreamcatchers by theeasterdays over on ETSY


This Woodsy Wedding Setting is perfect too!!! Pin by Jolie Rico on Pinterest!


Or this setting on a mountaintop with a one-of-a-kind floral “altar”! (Moon to Moon)


This boho wedding garter is stunning!! ❤ (Festival Brides)


Gorgeous Colorful Curtain! (charm city wed)


Barefoot Anklet by handmadeaccessories on ETSY. Unfortunately the page is down but, the inspiration is still where it is at!!!


And last but, certainly not least….THE RECEPTION!!!!

Table Settings & Decor!

(Carter and Cook Event Company)


(100 Layer Cake)


This, This, THIS, THIIISSSSS! (Santa Barbara Chic)


I love all the use of the candlesticks! (Ruffled)


Yes, never enough flowers! (Pinterest)


Never enough color + whimsy! (A Fanciful Twist)


And lots & lots of lighting is another MUST-DO!!! (Pinterest)


and….never…forget…the getaway car!!! (Green Wedding Shoes)




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