My Sweet Soiree #Tutorial! #DIY #Decor Deco Hanging Wall Fan Rosettes!

This is my first tutorial showing you how to make easy deco hanging wall fan rosettes that I first showed you in a post a few days ago showing you my repurposed old picture frame here!



They are so easy and quick to make!

First you need scrapbook paper! I used scrapbooking card stock, a pair of scissors to cut out your paper, a glue stick, some crafting wire, ribbon, and whatever you want to adorn your paper rosettes with! In the top of the photo you can see smaller rosettes that I made out of printer paper…yes printer paper..! Smaller rosettes are great for layering and making your completed fan really pop! for this tutorial I made a really simple fan rosette. If you do layering I would suggest using a hot glue gun to really secure your creation!

photo 1


First step: take your two sheets of scrapbooking paper and lay them on top of eachother. Then fold over and over like you would do to make a quick accordian fan! I know we have all done this! It is very simple!

photo 2


Step Two: Pull your pieces of paper apart and place one end over the other. The accordion of the fan will make this really easy to securely set on top of each other on one end.

photo 3


Step Three: Gather and Pinch together both sheets of paper together and tightly secure in the center with crafting wire! Crafting wire is the only thing that really holds it together… glue, string, or ribbon just does not work!

photo 4


Step Four: Next, Glue the ends closest to each other together with a generous amount of glue from your glue stick! Hold together for about a minute each time until the glue has stuck these sides all together! And voila!! You have your rosette!

photo 5


Step Five: Now all you have to do is adorn it! You can use anything! Jewels! Paper Cut outs! Glitter! Silks! then make a hole near the top and string your ribbon through it and create a loop to hang your fan rosette on the wall or from the ceiling etc! I just used an embroidered butterfly patch on this one! Like I said I just made a very simple rosette for this tutorial! Feel free to go super over the top with your creation!

photo (2)


Step 6: Hang it up!!

photo (3)


Here are some examples of some other rosettes that I have made! I made a lot for Valentines day this year as decoration for the floral shop that I manage!

photo (4)


photo 1 (1)


photo 2 (1)


photo 3 (1)


Let me know if you make your own rosettes from this tutorial and send me a photo of them! email me at or tweet your photos at me @mysweetsoireetn

Happy crafting!



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