Sweet Treat: Decadent English Toffee #Cupcake #Recipe

oh man, this sounds heavenly! I would love to have one of these cupcakes with a hot cup of coffee right now! This recipe is by Krisztina Williams of KrisztinaWilliams.com! It is very beautifully decorated! This recipe is very simple b/c it uses store bought cake mix and store bought frosting but, any seasoned cupcake baker can easily turn this into a gourmet treat by making the cake and frosting from scratch! I would do a ganache topping and fill these babies with some fudge syrupy goodness!! However, store bought mix and frosting is not a bad thing if you are on a budget and it is very easy to doctor up cake mixes! *Hint* Add a bit of Choco Pudding to the batter* Core your cupcake after it is baked and squirt some Hersheys Choco Syrup in the middle!*

Either way ..I want this in my mouth right now!



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