#ETSY Find of the Day: Dandelion Seed Orb Necklace #Style #Fashion #Jewelry

This is a must-have for me!!! Who doesn’t love dandelions especially when they go to seed! Some of my favorite childhood memories are picking fluffs of dandelions and blowing them into the wind & watching them float away! This necklace has a pendant with dandelion seeds set in resin! Right now the store is on vacation but, this item should be up for purchase when they return! You can sign up for updates on Natural Pretty Things ETSY store to find out when they are selling again!!!


#Pinterest Find of the Day!! #DIY Tassel Flip-flops #tutorial

As I mentioned in a post last night warm weather is soon approaching! Pull your boring old flip flops out of your closets and glam them up with this awesome tutorial by Trinkets In Bloom!!! This is super cute and looks fairly easy to make!!! I absolutely love it!!!