#Recipe of the Day: Reeses Peanut Butter Cake!

My oh my! This has got to be heaven! Reeses is my all time favorite candy bar! I wonder if someone could figure out a way to do a Reeses White Chocolate Cake?!?! That would be the money! This cake though…to all that know me that read this blog…this is THE cake I want baked for my next birthday *wink*wink* !!!! You can find the full recipe over on Dulce Dough!



Sweet Treat: #WW Gorgeous DIY Rainbow Petal Cake #Tutorial!! #DIY

Now wouldn’t this cake just be perfect for a wedding, a birthday, or any event really!!! It is absolutely beautiful and fun!!! This tutorial also shows you how easy it is to make!!!! Head on over to the Cake Blog and make this stunning treat!



Cadbury egg Easter cupcakes

Who doesn’t love a Cadbury Egg? It’s such an Easter staple! I came across this post by Pizzazzerie! I love the blue icing! Reminds me of a Robin’s eggs! I made a version similar to this last year with the Cadbury Egg opened on top of the cupcake! I think I will try it her way this year with it baked down in to the cupcake! Yum! I can taste it now!


Easter: Carrot Cakepops!

Cakepops!!! so pretty and so easy to do! Don’t get intimidated by the cakepop! Basically all that you do is bake a cake…. let it cool for a few… stick your hands in and crumble it up…add frosting… roll into a ball… freeze…and stick a lollipop stick in and dip it into your candy shell of choice! This is a carrot cake cakepop I did for this Easter season with cream cheese frosting…. I used vanilla candy melts for the shell AND the carrot… just use food coloring to color some of your candy shell mixture orange and green! I painted it on using a lollipop stick and then after it cooled used a knife to make the detail!!!

I present to you the carrot cake cakepop!

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Candy Deco Cupcakes!

Grab a box of nerds, mike n’ ikes, m&ms, skittles, starburst etc and let your creativity flow! These are some cupcakes that I made with various candies! The flower petals on the flower cupcakes were crafted out of starburst! it is very easy to do and gives results better than fondant!!! Use your imagination and go candy crazy!!!