#Recipe of the Day: Reeses Peanut Butter Cake!

My oh my! This has got to be heaven! Reeses is my all time favorite candy bar! I wonder if someone could figure out a way to do a Reeses White Chocolate Cake?!?! That would be the money! This cake though…to all that know me that read this blog…this is THE cake I want baked for my next birthday *wink*wink* !!!! You can find the full recipe over on Dulce Dough!



Sweet Treat: Cookies n’ Cream Fudge #Recipe!!!

I love making fudge for people as gifts!! Put it in a nice little tin (preferably vintage) and its perfect!! I have made this type of fudge before and let me tell you…it tastes like an extra rich Hershey’s Cookies n’ Cream Candy Bar! Thanks to Lil’ Luna for posting this amazing recipe! I suggest you try it…. like, NOW! It is so EASY to make…I swear!



Candy Deco Cupcakes!

Grab a box of nerds, mike n’ ikes, m&ms, skittles, starburst etc and let your creativity flow! These are some cupcakes that I made with various candies! The flower petals on the flower cupcakes were crafted out of starburst! it is very easy to do and gives results better than fondant!!! Use your imagination and go candy crazy!!!