#ETSY Find of the Day: Pastel Blue Bird Wall Hooks! #Decor #Style

I am really into cute home decor as of late because I am redecorating my apartment! I have been hand making things and also looking for handmade items made by others! I love this created by Pass the Parcels over on ETSY! What an adorable way to hang your jewelry or your keys, etc!!!




#ETSY Find of the Day: Dandelion Seed Orb Necklace #Style #Fashion #Jewelry

This is a must-have for me!!! Who doesn’t love dandelions especially when they go to seed! Some of my favorite childhood memories are picking fluffs of dandelions and blowing them into the wind & watching them float away! This necklace has a pendant with dandelion seeds set in resin! Right now the store is on vacation but, this item should be up for purchase when they return! You can sign up for updates on Natural Pretty Things ETSY store to find out when they are selling again!!!


#ETSY Find of the Day: Pillow Boxes!

Ok, I admit it! I am a sucker for great packaging! When I am shopping it usually influences my buy! My love for packaging leaves me searching for the best looking way to wrap a gift for someone or my handmade items! I love this idea over on ETSY at pretty tape ..the item listing is just for the plain pillow boxes but, you can dress them up easily! Use these for a jewelry gift or perhaps handmade soaps, etc. Dress them up with washi tape, printable tags, stamps, twine, or yarn! The possibilities are endless!