#Recipe of the Day: Marscapone Cheesecake! MMMmmm!

I am a huge fan of cheesecake! It is actually one of the few sweets I will eat (and eat and eat) until I can’t button my pants! haha! I am equally in love with Marscapone! I can only imagine how delicious this great recipe from Taste of Home actually tastes! A plate with three slices of these for me please (right now!!)!!!



My Sweet Soiree: Birthday Cake #Oreo + Strawberry Jam Creamsicle #Recipe!

This treat is truly heavenly! It actually reminds me a bit of strawberry cheesecake! The picture just doesn’t do it justice! I made these creamsicles this evening! I checked the freezer every 30 minutes in hopes they were set so I could try them!! These treats are so easy to make! Any one can do it! I used plastic popsicle molds but, in the future I think I will use small glasses or shot glasses with wooden popsicle sticks! The plastic molds will do but, i think the glass will really make them uniform and will also make it very easy to get out of the mold!

Here is what you need!

1 cup of whipped topping

2/3 cup of heavy cream

1 Tablespoon of Sugar

8 birthday cake oreos crumbled up (icing and all)

2 generous tablespoons of strawberry jam

extra crumbled oreo cookies to make a crumb coating

All you do is mix it all up in a bowl (in no particular order) and pour it into the molds! I did some layering but it is not necessary! the creamsicles that I did not layer actually came out a lot nicer! I was able to make 10 creamsicles in my fairly large molds with this recipe and I have enough left over from the ingredients i bought to make 10 more! Let them set in the freezer for an hour before adding the popsicle sticks then keep them in the freezer for at least another 2 hours (but, i honestly would recommend longer or even letting them freeze overnight!) I added the crumb coating after i pulled them out of the mold (kind of like you do with cupcakes) it added a nice and needed crunch to the creamsicles! I can’t wait to try another variation of this ice cream treat soon! I am thinking a lemon blueberry!

photo (5)

Let me know if you make this recipe or try a variation of your own! Guess what? my first batch is all gone already! They are that good! Let’s make this Spring and Summer…the Spring and Summer of DIY Ice Cream Treats!!!

10 Minute #Easter Treat! Easter Peanut Butter Button #Recipe !!

Oh, The Curvy Carrot!!! How you have my attention! Whomever came up with the idea to bake delicious candy into a pretzel bed, you are genius! A co-worker fixed a treat similar to this around the Christmas Holidays! It had a pretzel bed, a rolo stacked on top, and a pecan pressed into the melted Rolo….. it was h e a v e n! This is definitely something I will be making for my friends and family this Easter!!! It is a quick and simple recipe and would be great to pack up into little treat boxes to give away to those you love (or want to win over) 😉 😉 !!!!